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MM Rewards Club

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Welcome New Club Members!! We are excited about our Rewards Club! And, it's so easy to join! Once you join, it's so easy to earn MM Reward Points. And, Reward Points can lead to prizes and promotions for our loyal clients.

Here's how it works. Sign up and join our MM Rewards Club. You will see your points starting to accrue. We want you to start earning points ASAP! We will give you point immediately and issue some promotional points. Every time we clean your home you will earn valuable points with MM Rewards Club. Earn points for referring other clients.

We will track your progress and inform you monthly on points accrued. You can redeem your points for 20% Off 40% Off and more.

We can't wait until you start earning points and receiving the benefits of our services and our loyalty points from MM Rewards Club.

Sign up and get your Rewards Card today in your email!

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